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We88ew's Staff Application!

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In Game Name : My In Game Name Is we88ew!

Age: I'm 14 Years Old.(Turned 14 Yesterday!)

How long you've been playing on our server: I've Been Playing On The Server For About A Day.(Since I First Joined). The Total Number Of Time Played Is 3.25 Hours. (Almost 2nd Best Time On The Server Following Before Wowno Who Has Played Very Hard And Worked Very Hard To Make The Server What It Is Today. Keep Up The Good Work!)

Why do you want to help out: I Want To Help Out Because I See Potential In The Server. I Also Want To Help Out Because That's Just Something I Like To Do. Another Reason Why I Want To Help Out Is Because There Is Little To No Staff Members And As More People Join, Its Harder To Upkeep The Players. So I'd Like To Help Answer Any Questions, Catch Any Rule-Breakers, And Help Improve The Server With Constructive Criticism. The Last Reason Why I Would Like To Help The Server Is Because I'm Having An Amazing Time On The Server. I Hope It Says Up And I Hope I Have A Lot Of Fun There.

What can you bring to the table: Some Things I Can Bring To The table Are, I'm Ok At Building but If My Brother Needs to Build Somethings, Hes Amazing At It.(Hes Really Good With Mid-evil Buildings.) Another Thing I Can Bring To The Table Is I'm Quite Patient With Players And Staff. If A Bunch Of People Start Asking Questions Or Need Help With Something, I Take Time To Work With Them About Their Question And Help Solve It To The Best Of My Abilities. The Final Thing I Can Bring To The Table Is That I Have A Lot Of Experience Being A Staff Member. I've Been Helper,Moderator, And Admin Before. I Feel Most Comfortable With Moderator. I'm Also Very Trust Worthy With Commands,Plugins, and Permissions And I Do Not,Will Not, And Will Ever, Abuse My Powers And Bring Shame To Those Who Have Trusted Me.

-Thanks For Reading My Application And I Hope To Hear From You Soon :)
Posted Jul 10, 17 · OP
wowno Admin
After reviewing your application, and taking in a number of factors unfortunately we need to decline your application. You haven't been very active online, or on the website. Your community engagement and online presence just wasn't there.

Sorry. Feel free to re-apply after taking into account the comments above.
Posted Jul 22, 17
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