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Lameinferno's Staff Application!

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In Game Name : LameInferno

Age: 12 about to turn 13

HOW LONG HAVE YOU'VE BEEN ON OUR SERVER: I have been playing on Your Server for nearly 2 weeks now IRL I don't know how long I've been playing in hours

WHY DO YOU WANT TO HELP OUT: First and foremost, I'm inclined to do what I can to help out on the server that I enjoy playing on. I have encountered numerous troublesome players who would stop at nothing to break rules in an attempt to get attention. I want to become a staff member so that I can assist the common players in enjoying their experience on the server by preventing disobedience to the rules. Primarily, that's the biggest motive behind me writing this application. Secondarily, I want to do what I can to influence the server in the best ways possible. I want to make sure that ThePixelEra remains a functioning, enjoyable server, and hopefully, being a staff member will enable me to do so. If I do get A staff rank, I will strive to be a mature, active, and as fair of a Staff member to the server as I can be. I will give other players advice, welcome new players, bring new players, manage the staff, train them, have meetings and make the server a good time. But I want to expand on this a bit. See the attributes I just described seem to me as a given. They are part of the the job that a staff member are supposed to do anyway. I want to help in ways that other players may not. I will be active on the forums, I will try to resolve other players conflicts be civilized means. I will speak for players who can't or won't speak for themselves. I will always back up my kicks with screenshots. I will try to help other players with non-server stuff like Skype, YouTube, Steam, etc. I will use Minechat when I can't access a computer or when I am away. I own Minechat, so using /kick is very easy and very fast if I needed to use it. If no one is talking or people are arguing, I will bring up other topics for the server discussions, instead of needless $&@?!ing. I will be active on the forums and the new website as much as possible. I will try to incorporate humor into the server to make it a comfortable place for everyone. And as always I will use my knowledge of the actual game to help other players with in-game things. I will bring intelligent answers to both intelligent and idiotic questions from players. I am good with computers so I will help players with that if they need it. Just various little things that could be helpful. we will have many new players who may not know all the rules. Even if I don't get a Staff Rank I will do my best to make it a wonderful place to them. To conclude I will bring to the server what any good staff member should bring, plus other little things that may be of use.

WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE TABLE: There are numerous factors that make me believe I'd do well as a staff member on ThePixelEra. One of which is my level of experience. Second to my staff experience, the next factor that makes me feel like I'm a good fit for the position is the fact that I will do and almost prefer to do what other staff members won't. For example, tedious work; assisting new players who have absolutely no clue in regards to how to utilize the server's functions. I pride myself on being able to help those who need help, quickly and efficiently, and lots of that is due in part to my staff experience. As it is, in my opinion, I already spend more time helping players.

-Thank You For Reading My Application
Posted Jul 19, 17 · OP · Last edited Jul 23, 17
wowno Admin
Unfortunately, I think you need more time online the server. Your sporadic login behaviour is concerning, you're almost never online for long periods of time which is a red flag.

Please feel free to apply again once you've got some more playing time. When you apply again, don't waste my time with a copied application, be original and use your own words.
Posted Jul 25, 17
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