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Gorilla_Chaos's staff application

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IN GAME NAME: Gorilla_Chaos

AGE: 16

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING OUR SERVER: I've been playing right now for around 30 hours, which is roughly a week or so in real life, which means at the moment I've been on the serve almost from the start.

WHY DO YOU WANT TO HELP OUT: I want to help out because I see this server as a nice friendly community, and I want to help keep it that way, so other players and l can enjoy it, Also I already don't mind helping out when it is necessary.

WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE TABLE: Personally, I can bring out a helpful attitude and patients when dealing with most situations, which is almost a necessity when dealing with players. Also, if it is necessary, I am a decent builder, and with a little time and effort I can also become very acquainted with commands and such plug-ins.
Posted Jul 22, 17 · OP
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Posted Jul 25, 17
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