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In Game Name : Pablo_the_Diablo

Age: 16

How long you've been playing on this server: In total, roughly 22 hours and i've been on this server close from the start and been playing almost everyday.

Why do you wanna help out: Because I enjoy seeing things grow and watching a process of rags to riches, in this case a server from being new to people in the server enjoying royalty

What can you bring to the table: I want to build a castle and a town nearby for villagers and people to live in on a server that is classic/survival with some friends and build an empire for people to look up in awe. I want this area to be the spotlight for the server and help others build their shops within the castle or at spawn because I enjoy business too.
Posted Jul 23, 17 · OP
wowno Admin
You've received a message from me. Check your inbox.
Posted Jul 25, 17
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