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Fostbite6789's Staff Application

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In Game Name :

18 years old

How long you've been playing on our server:

I started playing on this server about 2+weeks ago. I have inquired about 30+ hours so far spent in-game.

Why do you want to help out:

I wanted to help out because over the years of playing on different servers, I realized that it all boils down to a couple of things that matter to people. They like a person who is devoted to their work ethic but, also someone who is also kind and hardworking at what they do. I Believe that people should have the same equal opportunity to have fun as did I when I first started playing. I enjoy watching people play the game that they Love and helping with an issue that can be resolved without any hesitation, rather than them struggling with an Issue

What can you bring to the table:

Every day is a learning experience for me. I am fairly decent at coding and plugins by watching people over time. I have an open mind on anything and everything. I’m willing to change for the greater good, It’s everyone else before me. I own up to my mistakes that I make, I’m very trust worthy. I’ve worked at a restaurant for about 2 years as a server, so I’m used to dealing with people and helping them out as much as I’m able too. I’ve also played Baseball, and ice hockey for most of my life so I know how to work with others and How to help each other out in a time of need. I Have also been Playing Minecraft since it first came out back in 2009. I’ve been through it all. It’s only fair to aid others in whatever they need but, I also believe in keeping order in situations that need it. Although I may not be the best builder around my other attributes makes me standout from the rest.
Posted Jul 26, 17 · OP
wowno Admin
Check your mail.
Posted Aug 17, 17
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