Dear Wowno,

I will first introduce myself . I am Ricardo and I live in the Netherlands , and I am also 15 years old. I love playing the Piano , and to play Minecraft.
My minecraftname is : R4life , if u did not know that. I am online for like 2 hours a day , and I play this server since 2 weeks. So I already have 38 votes.
I want to help u out because I personally already have experience with being staff on a server , because I was a Helper in one of the biggest servers of the Netherlands. It was called Okla-pvp.
I already have experience because , I built almost everything in that server , and because I like doing the plugins on a server. I am also very social , so I help people very good.
What I can bring to the table is a lot. First of all, I am very social and love having fun. I can talk to very much people because I can talk French, Englisch , Dutch and German. Second of all I already have experience so you do not have to explain a lot of things. Third of all , I am very trustful , so u can give me and tell me everything, much people are not trustful , well I am. Fourth of all I love to help u out , because lonely running the server is tough. Fith of all , I can typ very formal, so your server attracts more people , because of a formal text on the website. And finally , I am a good builder , did a big project on the server (the temple) , hope u like it , I can help u to make spawn nicer.

If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.
- Ricardo (R4life)