IGN: Have_Some_Milk
Discord: Have_Some_Milk#9659

Hello my names is Toby and i am a Pro(Paid) Java/Skript Developer(I can make cool Snazy CUSTOM plugins and Skripts for Minecraft)

I have lots of experience and knowledge when it comes to making and devlopmenting Minecraft Plugins/Skripts, I am able to make Anything from Custom Enchants too Server Cores.

Please let me know if u need anything done.

My Rates:

25 String Plugin: $10 (Patch Plugin)
50 String Plugin: $15
75 String Plugin: $20
125 String Plugin: $30
175 String Plugin: $50

Custom Core Plugin: $200
Custom AntiCheat: $150
Small Script: $20
Medium Script: $25
Large Script: $30
Collaboration Scripts: $15

Part-time House developer: $150 (Per-week)
Full-time House developer: $230 (Per-week)

(I'm prepared to negotiate the prices for Large Orders)