New Beginnings

wowno Admino posted Nov 8, 17

Welcome everybody!

I'd first like to start off todays message by saying welcome back. Today marks the new beginning of The Pixel Era. Over the past few months many of our players, including myself have been very busy and hadn't had much time to hop online. Things are finally starting to slow down for me which means I have a lot more free time.

Although I was busy the past few weeks, I still managed to hop online when I could and work on some builds. One of them being our brand new spawn, as seen below!

(you can still visit our old spawn area by typing /warp spawn)

Not only did we get a total spawn make over, but I also took the time to spruce up our website. This makes for an appealing and easy to read look which I love. There is still plenty of work that can be done around our server, which is why I invite you to come back and visit.

Hope to see all of you around soon!

Server Update!

wowno Admino posted Sep 27, 17

We've Updated to Version 1.12.2

As many of you are aware, I've been super busy and havn't had much time to hop online. However I'm always checking the website which is why I was informed that the server was down for a short peroid of time. I contacted our hosting provider and all of the issues are sorted out, and in the mean time I updated to version 1.12.2. Feel free to ask questions or update me on whats going on in the forums.

I should have some breaks in my busy schudule in the comming month, so I'm hoping to get back on track and continue to build and grow our server.

In the mean time, continue to enjoy the server and build your dream.


Over 100 Votes!

wowno Admino posted Jul 25, 17

Congratulations everybody on hitting a voting milestone!

We now have over 100 votes on all of our voting links. Although this might seem like only a small number to some, this is a big leap for our server. Soon enough we will be at 1000! With every milestone, we're albe to showcase our server to more players. The more we move up on the list, the more players we get!

Keep up the amazing work everybody!

Head over to the voting page on our website to cast your daily vote, and collect your reward in game!

Teflon_m ur server its really God


wowno Admino posted Jun 27, 17


I'd like to formally welcome you all to The Pixel Era.

For those of you just finding us for the first time, I'll give you some basic information about our server. We're a fairly new server running Minecraft version 1.12. We offer a semi-vanilla playing atmosphere with land claims, player shops, and voting rewards!

The main goal for our server is to provide a fun community for players looking to play some classic Minecraft and that wan't to feel at home when the login. 


Whilst playing Minecraft for over 5 years I've encountered my fair share of Minecraft servers. I loved joining a server and becoming a part of their community. Helping players build massive creations, setting up a shop and being part of the economy, or celebrating a community event. It was this kind of interaction between players that I would always look for when finding servers, however the only ones I could find didn't feel like a community.

In today's world of Minecraft it's hard to come across a classic style server that isn't part of a server network, and that isn't littered with mini games. That's why I decided to take matters into my own hands, and with a little help from the community we can grow into our full potential.

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